Our English born champion Vizslas forever
changed our lives! Their love, loyalty and
humour immediately made them adored
and beloved members of our family . . .
We quickly discovered that Vizslas loved to
be comfortable and cozy. We wanted
only the best for them! This, along with
inspiration from their regal stature and
elegance, led us to create our award
winning line of Designer Pet Beds.
We wanted these beds not only to be
functional, but luxurious & comfortable.
Our interior design background and love
of our home and architecture, raised
the bar on what a pet bed should be.
We were not willing to settle for generic
designs and lesser quality.
Every style and fabric we offer has been
carefully chosen to not only be superior in
design and quality, but also a stylish
accent for your home . . .
At Bowsers, we offer bed designs and
fabric looks for every room in the house.
Gone are the days when you have to hide
away your pet bed when guests arrive!
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