Designtec Mask

Designtec Mask

These are unprecedented times and we must all work together to fight the COVID 19 crisis.  We have channelled our design and manufacturing expertise to create 2 styles of masks available to the service community and general public.  We now offer a designer mask as well as a simpler, more economical pleated design (coming soon).  All masks are made in our facility in Canada.

These masks are REUSABLE and MACHINE WASHABLE.  These masks are NOT meant to be direct substitutes to FDA/Health Canada approved, Hospital Grade N95 masks.  However, if used correctly, these masks can help reduce transmission.





What is the OUTER FABRIC made of?

We are offeriing a limited selection of our best selling designer fabrics. These polyester fabrics are breathable, durable and machine washable.


What is the INNER FILTER FABRIC made of ?

The inner filter layer is made from 1.5oz SPUNBOND POLYPROPYLENE. This is a non woven fabric made from fine continuous filaments bonded together in a web-like structure using a heat process.   It's softness and environmental protection make it ideal for production of masks and medical clothing. This fabric is hydrophobic, antimicrobial and mold resistant. 








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