Where are Bowsers products made?

Bowsers pet beds, mats and covers are produced domestically in our facility in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Our experienced and talented team of sewers ensure a higher standard of quality and craftsmanship.

Our feeders and crates are designed in Canada and manufactured by our carefully selected partners in Thailand and China.

How does Bowsers differ from other pet bed manufacturers?

Today, most pet beds available in the market are sourced and produced overseas. Bowsers is one of the few remaining companies in the market with North American manufacturing. As a result, you will always know what you are getting when you purchase a Bowser bed. Our standard for quality and design is unmatched and respected worldwide. As many overseas manufacturers move to cheaper materials, Bowsers has stayed true to using only the highest grade fabrics and fill.

What type of fill do you use for your pet beds?

We use only the highest quality, upholstery grade materials. Many of our bed designs use a combination of different fiber fill and foam to provide the ultimate in support and comfort. We do not use inferior materials used by many of our competitors such as batting, foam chips and cedar fill.

  • Virgin, High Memory Polyester Fibre Fill: used for our bed outer bolsters and pillow inserts. This virgin, premium fibre has a longer filament length and curl structure to create a superior, long lasting loft and softness. Unlike cheaper substitutes, these fibers will not matt down or clump, but keep their shape for long periods of time after repeated use.
  • Polyester Cushion fibre: used for bottom cushion inserts, (eg. Donut Bed), this dense, polyester fibre weave provides a sleeker profile and long lasting support.
  • Fibre Topped Foam Insert: used for the bottom bed cushion, (eg: Urban Lounger). This combination of furniture grade foam topped with polyester fibre, provides the ultimate in comfort and support, while providing a sleek, modern look.
  • Cool Gel Memory Foam: used for our memory foam mats and bottom bed cushions, (eg: Oslo Ortho). This high end memory foam provides not only superior cushioning and support, but is also infused with cool gel beads, which help regulate body temperature.

Are all fabrics available in all bed styles?

At Bowsers, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of designs and fabric choices. Our design team does select specific fabrics for each style however, to create the right look and esthetic for that design. The “Our Fabrics” section on our homepage will provide a quick summary of bed styles available in any specific fabric.

What sets our fabric quality and selection apart?

We offer over 100 upholstery grade fabrics. We have partnered with the leading US textile mills to offer superior quality and performance, previously unseen at this price point.

Our designers have created collections which capture all aspects of current design as well as classic favorites. All fabrics are carefully selected for durability and washability.

The main differences between fabrics are softness, pile and texture. A list of our best selling collections are found below. For a detailed list of fabrics and specifications, please refer to the “Our Fabrics” link on our homepage.

  • Microvelvet: Our best selling and most practical fabric. Smooth, soft hand with subtle low pile sheen. Breathable construction makes it cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. This extremely durable, washable fabric repels pet hair dirt and moisture. Color fast and non shrink; will look like new after every wash.
  • Washed Microvelvet: "Washed" Microvelvet fabrics are a seamless addition to any décor. The subtle variation in the pile not only creates a modern, shabby chic, vintage look but also hides pet hair and dirt. Breathable construction makes it cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.
  • Flanella Microvelvet: Modern Performance Flanella is the latest trend in home design. Our pet friendly Flanella combines this clean, trend setting look with the same performance of our best selling microvelvets. This extremely durable, washable fabric repels pet hair dirt and moisture. Superior quality, upholstery fabric. Color fast and non shrink; will look like new after every wash.
  • Performance Linen & Woven: The natural texture of our casually elegant Performance Linens will provide a timeless, contemporary addition to your home. The smooth, tight weave and subtle texture of our Performance Wovens create added dimension and distinctive color. Durable, washable, superior upholstery grade fabrics. Heavy weight construction, color fast and non shrink.
  • Performance Chenille: The soft texture and raised construction of these yarns create a super soft pile with an intricate multi dimensional texture and luxurious feel. Durable, washable, superior upholstery grade fabrics. Color fast and non shrink.

Are your fabrics chemically treated?

Bowsers designer fabrics are made by Oeko-Tex certified US fabric mills. OekoTex is an environmental association that tests and certifies that textile products do not contain nor are they produced using harmful substances and or chemicals.

We only textiles that are free of potentially harmful chemicals like VOCs, formaldehyde, phthalates and flame retardants.

Can I wash my pet bed?

At Bowsers, practicality is just as important as style. Our products are not only made to look great in the home but designed for easy care and maintenance. All products are machine washable and dryable.

All Bowser beds have zippered, removable covers for washing. Our mats and cushions are designed to be washed as is using our unique tufting and single stich technology, or as zippered removable covers.

Note: we recommend that you do not machine wash inner bolsters or foam inserts. These should be hand washed only.

Can I order a replacement cover, foam insert or bolster for my bed?

We are dog owners too and realize accidents do happen. We offer a full range of replacement parts for your beds including covers, cushions, bolsters and foam inserts. Please refer to the “Replacement Parts” section on our homepage.

How do I know which style and size of bed to choose for my dog?

Bowsers specializes in bolster shapes, with over 20 award winning designs to our name. Pets that like to curl up, generally prefer the security and comfort of bolster beds. Choose from a variety of looks and shapes based on your home décor and taste.

We also offer lower profile or flat beds such as the Isotonic Memory Foam Mattress and Divine Futon, for larger dogs that tend to stretch out.

The clean lines of rectangular shapes such as the Urban Lounger, Scandinave Sofa and Divine Futon are a favorite among those looking for a modern look. The oval Donut Bed is a classic favorite and still our best seller.

To choose a bed size, please refer to our “Sizing Guide” link contained beside the size selector within each product page. This provides detail specifications along with breed dog recommendations.

Do you make beds for Older or Arthritic Dogs?

As your dog gets older, the support and comfort that a premium Bowser bed provides is more important than ever. We offer many unique designs which are especially suitable for older or aging dogs.

These designs offer memory foam bottom cushion for ultimate support:

  • Oslo Ortho Bed
  • Isotonic Memory Foam Mattress
  • Cool Gel Mat
  • Divine Futon

The Scoop Bed and Crescent Bed are great options for older dogs that are having a harder time getting into their bed. Both offer a lower, scooped front design for easy entry, while still providing the support and comfort of plush outer bolsters.

Is there any assembly required when I order your products?

All our products come fully assembled with the exception of our Moderno Dog Crate and Elevated Feeder. Detailed instructions are provided for both products.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Please allow 10 – 14 days from order date to receive your order. This lead time may change during peak periods from October to December.

Once your order ships, you will receive an email including your invoice, and UPS tracking information. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for your tracking to show activity.

What is your Warranty & Return Policy?

Bowsers will provide refund or replacement for any manufacturer defects or incorrectly shipped items. For more information, please refer to our Footer section on our homepage.

Are your beds chew proof?

We use only premium quality, durable heavy weight upholstery grade fabrics. However, these fabrics are not designed to endure aggressive chewing or digging behaviour. Nor are they constructed to withstand chewing from puppies’ sharp little teeth. We recommend to some new puppy owners to start out with a low profile crate bed or mat until the dog is trained and ready to move up to a “designer bed.”

If I order from the US will I be charged any taxes or duties?

Bowsers products are made domestically in Canada, and as such qualify under the reciprocal North American trade agreements. You will not be charge any duties or additional taxes.

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